We are living in an age of disruption where we are offered a range of new solutions which claim to make our lives easier and save us money.

In real estate, there is a new provider appearing almost every week declaring they can take the hassle out of choosing a real estate agent to sell your home. Some even suggest skipping the agent altogether.

Some of these providers are claiming they will save you a fortune by helping you choose the cheapest agent, a low cost facilitator or a ‘follow the dots’ private sale process. This a being enables by the ease of accessing information online, which makes it easier for certain providers to target the unsuspecting and offer a fear based solution.

But consumers need to be aware that cheaper is not always better, and you could end up on a ride to nowhere good.

The biggest decision you need to make when selling your house is to decide what provides you with the best value and best outcome, not the lowest cost.

Are you prepared to invest in the right people and presentation to achieve a great return on your investment, just the same as any wealth creation strategy would do?

Property values are the most inexact science imaginable. It is a totally subjective assessment based on individual perceptions, and as such cannot be determined simply by a process.

The property buying decision is based on 80% emotion, backed by 20% logic. This emotive element is by far the most critical in determining the final sale price of your property that buyers are prepared to pay.

Believing that an unskilled private seller, an inexperienced facilitator or a cheap desperate low skilled agent will find the premium price in your property, is probably the most expensive mistake you can make.

Your greatest asset requires presentation, marketing, pricing and negotiation strategies carried out by a professional trusted adviser who will not only offer you value, but will become invaluable in your real estate journey. Choose wisely and you will maximise the value that you receive on the sale of your home.

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