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Buying With Ellison Zulian Property

If you have seen a property for sale or auction on our websites, or if you have seen an unlisted property you would like to purchase and need us to enquire on your behalf, please contact us for further information.

Qualify A Property

If you are interested in a particular property, advise the agent so that you can be kept informed as it may sell at any time.  Assuming your finances are in order and you have found a potential property to purchase you need to confirm if it is worthy of your efforts. 

Firstly compare property values in the immediate area to insure it is priced correctly. Inspect the property thoroughly and give yourself time to look through the property more than once.

Check that local services and facilities like schools, shopping centres, public transport, recreational and sporting grounds fit your criteria. If you are still interested in the property check for any structural or pest issues or have a qualified professional check the property thoroughly.

Buying A Property

If you are bidding at an auction you may wish to engage the services of an independent qualified professional who will be happy to act on your behalf for an agreed fee.

Set your limit for the auction based on your research but be prepared to set a second limit if you really want the property. Always seek professional advice and be careful not to overvalue or undervalue the property.

If you are unsure about bidding at an auction, attend other auctions to familiarise with the procedures beforehand. You may bid by getting the auctioneer’s attention with your voice, by waving your hand or nodding your head. Ensure that you are registered to bid and position yourself where the auctioneer can see you.

If successful you will be required to sign the contract and provide a 10% deposit. It is recommended that you immediately arrange suitable insurance cover protecting your interest in the property.

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