Survival guide to moving houses

Book movers in advance
Make a booking at least a month in advance and always check reviews first.

Clear out
Get rid of any clothes, appliances, crockery, books and home furnishings you no longer use or need. Hold a garage sale, sell items online, book hard rubbish collection or donate to charity to offload excess possessions.

Hire cleaners
Hire a professional cleaner to give your new and old home a good scrub.

Stock up
Get all the essentials you need for packing and moving your belongings safely – bubble wrap, boxes, tape, markers and packing blankets.

Disconnect & connect services
Notify all your utility providers of the dates you’ll be moving out to have services disconnected from your old home and connected at your new place. Don’t forget to connect electricity, internet, gas and water, and to redirect mail.

Update your details
Inform authorities and various institutions about your change of address, including:


Service NSW                                                

Insurance providers                                


Super fund

Memberships & loyalty programs

Friends & family

The right cover
Arrange appropriate home and contents insurance to cover your belongings during and after the move. A good idea it to take photos of items before moving as a record of their condition.

Prepare a first night box
Pack everything you’ll need to be comfortable in your new home in a first night box. A change of clothes, bed linen, towels, toiletries, sleepwear, medications, some cookware and crockery are all must-haves. Maybe even add a bottle of bubbly to toast your successful move.

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